Messy House, Dirty Places can leave you Frozen.
We understand, and our focus is on achieving the best cleaning outcomes for you.

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Kleaning Crew. Our focus is on first class customer experience. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD exclusive Rocks suburb. We focus highest level of attention of detail whilst cleaning, to give our customers the best experience every time.
Our Vision is to be Australia’s most customer centric cleaning services company by providing excellent customer service and delivering quality of care to customers, employees, vendors & the community.
At Kleaning Crew, our team is passionate about cleaning, passion to clean those messy places issues for our clients and support them so then can concentrate on what matter most, their family and their life. We are here to create ‘the best experience’ for our customers, with the highest standards and attention to detail.

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Our Capabilities

Kleaning Crew offers range of cleaning services including home cleaning, commercial cleaning to various industries including aged care and schools. Let us handle your cleaning and you can focus on more important tasks in your lives.
Our dedicated staffs are specially trained to meet your requirements while adhering to the highest standards and best quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our solutions are best in the market.

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Our Capabilities


Best Service | Reliability | Transparency | Innovation | Quality
Our goal is to be one of the country’s greatest and most respected cleaning companies.


Limitless Options

At Kleaning Crew, we believe there is a better way to do cleaning. A more valuable, better clean, less clutter … where places are made beautiful rather than just completing the task. We are passionate about helping businesses to have clean atmosphere for staff and visitors. Also to help home owners present beautiful homes to their guests. Our team is passionate about friendly customer service and best quality result.

Limitless Options


Looking for the best, reliable cleaning solutions? Find out how we can help by contacting us, Give us a call, send an email or drop us a message to have a chat. We are always here and available to provide you amazing cleaning solutions.

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1300 002 786

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Longs Lane, The Rocks, NSW - 2000

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